Friday, January 27, 2012

Long time no see

Salam to all...
lama sungguh I didn't post anything . Very busy because already entering new phase of my life. For ur information I moved from Kangar Perlis to Padang Sanai , Kuala Nerang Kedah (my hometown), in order to build and to set up our new life. Everything was new, job, kids schooling ..etc. but we manage to set it right.

We set up our own business in agriculturing which is planted sugercane. It has been 3-4 months olds now.

really hope that we are going to success in our business.
after resigned from Gapura construction sdn bhd. Two of us didn't have other income, but I should thanks my husband who are very " jimat cermat" person.

very green husband whom are wearing glasses , now no need to wear glasses 24hours a day. Only wore it when he's driving. He also recovered from migrain. Thanks a lot to Allah S.W.T .

That all my entry for this time. see you again peep..

lot of love,
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