Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Seafood Pizza

Taraaaaa....this is my first attempt to make pizza on my own. Usually I call 1300-88-2525..special delivery heheh. And also this picture taken by my brand new hand phone ..wallaaa..not bad isn't . I enjoy my pizza very much, but I think something went wrong with the dough. It's not quite gebu.. maybe should try again and again until I get satisfied. Biasalah kan first time maybe there some mistake here and there....furthermore maybe other using different utensil so..I should modified the measurement of ingredients...but here I share with you the Recipe..

For the dough..
* 250 gram Tepung roti
* 130 ml Air
* 1/2 cmt garam
* 1/2 cmt gula
* 1 cmt instant tis
* 1 cmb madu
* 1 cmb lemak sayuran
* 2 cmb minyak zaitun
* 1 cmt oregano

I'm using bread maker , so I have to do is only put all those ingredient in BM and set to no. 10 for dough.

After the dough was ready, take it out and tumbuk for about 15 minutes to keep air out..then uli-uli and leperkan bentuk round and place it in pizza pan. I'm using 10" pizza pan. After that cucuk2 with garpu at the surface and sapu with some olive oil..then place it in the oven for 5 minutes at tempreture of 200 degree . After 5 minutes , take it out and put the topping. Its up to your own selera to make the topping. First of all sapu tomato sos at the surface, followed by sos of thousand Island, mayonese..then crab meat, tuna spread , chunky capsicum and lastly but not least the Cheese..Parmesan cheese and mozzarella. cheese. Heat again at 150 degree at about 25-30 minutes..that all...mmm...........yummmmmy...


aZuRa AhMaD said...

wah..wah..buat piza...takyah mkn piza kedai tu..hehehe...

My addiction said...

hahaha..dah lama dah berangan nak buat sendiri..tapi x dan..sekali nih dah tau dah cammna nak buat..cuma kena cuba buat bnyk kali lagilah sebab kulit dia x berapa nak gebu..


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