Friday, February 11, 2011

Future Planning


Tetiba ja, kemarin seronok masuk pergi daftar kat Nuffang, Saja ja only for fun, I know my blog has not many visitors, dun dream meh to earn money...I just ever wondering how it was all about and want to experience it... I'm not going to tell uolls about that.

Actually there is something else i want to share. A story about my future....wahhh gitew...kelassss mak cik...Sebenarnya, last few weeks, I was very busy about our future hubby bought a pieces of land. We were decided to be a" pekebun getah" after we resign. Most probably another 6 years. Tanah yang we bought tu dah ada tanaman getah about 200 pokok. We decided to tanam somemore. So that in 6 years time we get back to village semuanya dah tersedia. Pokok - pokok getah yang ada we decided to upah other villager to menoreh. Dapatlah hasil sikit kan..There is a fews photos been taken during we visit our kebun...

my mother and my brother pereparing ndoi or buaian hubby and my brother..we only go for menyebuk, because i hired someones to bersihkan kebun...:P

see...pokok dah besar dah...dah boeh menoreh pun...but I'm so sad because I don't how other peope been thinking...ada yang tergamak mai menoreh kat kebun org without asking permission. Before I bought it there's someone duk menoreh di sini. She knew it wasn't hers ...macammna dia bagi anak-anak dia makan dengan duit mcm least ask permission.

pandangan dari hadapan.
so kawan-kawan please pray with me so that our dream come true...
Tak larat dah kerja dengan orang. Nak jugak kan jadi tokey...hehehe :P..

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