Monday, March 29, 2010

Dua orang pengembara dan seekor beruang

I guess many of you must been heard about this story. Once upon a time, there are two hunter going inside jungle for hunting. As they go far ...suddenly they were attacked by the huge, fierce..hungry bear.. One hunter manage to escaped..he ran and climbed a tree nearby. He left his friend alone to face the bear. The other man was so panicked..but still.....he can remembered old folks always said bear would not attacked died man. Luckily he got that such a brilliant idea, he laid down as he has died. The huge bear came closer and smell him. Then the left the men. After the bear go away...his friend climb down and ask the man. I saw that the bear was whispering something to your ears..What was that would be?..the man replied "..the bear said it was not good idea to be friend with someone who are not care for his friend when he was in trouble. ..." So..the moral of the story..friendship only can be tested by affection. A friend in need is a friend indeed...

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