Saturday, March 13, 2010

English..oh English...

Assalamualaikum daughter said to me..why don't you write your entry in english.... i rather like to read your entry in i said ...ohhh ....why not..let me give a ....from now on my entry will be publish in english... heheh..buleh ka dak has been long time we live in Perlis where English is very rare using here...I have many things to publish here in my blog but i don't have time...lately I become too busy with my routine job and also my hobby in far I have finished prepare 3 pair hats..means that 6 i have two daughters so everything must come with pair..heheh...penat mok cik...but i love it very much....but for my n3 today..there will be no time maybe....i don't bring it here today..ok..see u guys later..Salam...

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