Tuesday, May 18, 2010

why men always to be right?

gambar yang x ada kena mengena saja2 ja bubuh sebab cantik...

Because a lot of these guys don't like it when we ladies are right about stuff most of the time
it's all ego. I think it's a human thing though. I know some guys who say the same thing about women. Heck, there's always going to be someone who tries to prove someone wrong.
its called male ego which resents to work infront of power of p..ussy"
god has given this massive power to females only..which men can not live with out...so prooving u beautiful things wrong satisfys some of the male ego
Ego, machismo, chauvinism, stubbornness, etc..
You see my opinion is that guys think we want to dominate and prove them wrong and vice versa. So we have this competition between us where we think that everyone is against the other. Try putting youself in the person's shoes who you have a conflict with.
Do they think we are always trying to be right? It's all a matter of communication and comprehension.
Well men always try to prove women wrong because they want something to make them feel better about themselves..men always tries to prove women wrong and women always go along because they will keep trying until they are right and if you don't let them win they might get a self-confidence issue going on just try to let them be right there is no use fighting with guys when you really don't need to

Being right is an easy way to feel powerful. If you're wrong all the time, you feel bad about yourself

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